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One Direction Fanfiction


The sound of the door clicking open was all it took to drag Liam from his slumber. The truth is, he hadn’t been sleeping well lately at all due to the amount that was on his mind. His almost a year long relationship with Danielle was going smoothly, as it seemed, to everyone but them and he couldn’t bring himself to tell anyone; to put a halt on the thought that the two of them, though they seemed so perfect together, may have actually come to an end. Saying it aloud would only make it true and he didn’t want to dampen the mood of the tour; he and the boys were having so much fun. So he kept things quiet and he was sure that the boys hadn’t noticed. But the lack of sleep was something that was bound to catch up on him, just like the way it was now.

Twisting beneath his covers, he looked to the bed at his side – Zayn was still out cold. He’d opted for a room by himself in this hotel, but had ended up with Zayn instead. He knew it was already into the early hours of the morning and he envied the way Zayn was able to sleep through anything, even the piercing glare of the light shining through the open doorway and straight against his face which Liam had almost forgotten about, until now.

Suddenly more alert than ever, he pushed himself up so that he was sitting and began rapidly scanning his eyes across the room for the intruder. The bed sheets fell down from his chest, resting in his lap as the cool air within the room lashed hard against his exposed skin. He strained his eyes, wishing he’d stuck to his usual routine and hadn’t drunk anymore more than his one can of beer earlier this evening when he found it hard to adjust his sight to the severe darkness of the room. He knew it was bad for him, for his kidney, but things were changing for him internally, clouding confusing things that would affect the band to no end, and he couldn’t help himself.

Shifting his weight forwards, he readied himself to stand, but there was still no sight nor sound of anyone in the room other than Zayn and his quiet snores. He had almost convinced himself to be certain that the opening of the door and the light shining through was all a fragment of his imagination when a quiet voice sounded from beside him.

“Over here” Came the deep whisper in a voice that would be unmistakable to anyone and Liam’s stomach jolted at the sound before feeling the rush of relief as he twisted his head to see the shadowed features of his best friend.

“Harry” He breathed - neither a question, nor a greeting. “What are you doing in here?” He asked quickly, feeling his brow crease and dropping his head back to his pillow as Harry took a seat on the edge of the bed.

“I needed to see you” Harry replied distantly, looking down as Liam looked back up. “Needed to talk to you about a something”

Liam blinked twice; dropping his eyes from Harry’s to notice that Harry hadn’t dressed before making his way over here, but was instead sat in only his boxers, shivering slightly as the cold winter’s air left its impact inside the hotel rooms.

“Well, could it not wait until morning?” Liam sighed, sitting back up and faking a yawn, willing for the confusing twisting in his stomach to disappear.

Harry shook his head, his loose curls effortlessly moving with it. “No” He whispered back, careful to not wake Zayn as he pushed himself further onto the bed; closer to Liam. “I need to know something” He began, the essence of alcohol on his breath finally noticeable as he looked back down at Zayn’s sleeping figure before connecting his open eyes with Liam’s tired ones. “And it’s not as though you were sleeping anyway”

Liam frowned, narrowing his eyes and bringing a hand to the back of his neck to scratch exhaustedly. “Harry, it’s late” He moaned, ignoring his previous statement despite the truth in his words and once again, laying his head back against the softness of his pillow. “I think it would be better if you went back to y-”

“What’s going on with you and Danielle?” Harry cut him off; Liam aware of Harry’s positional change as he leant over his relaxed frame; his hands either side of his torso and his head hovering directly above his own. “And don’t lie to me” Harry whispered urgently as Liam opened his mouth to reply.

It was snapped shut again in a second and Liam swallowed deeply; the twisting in his stomach knotting itself over and over as he stared back up at his best friend who – though he’d been this close to his face before – now seemed closer than ever. “I…we…” He tried, the dryness of his throat restricting his ability to lie on cue and resulting in his eyes screwing tightly together in defeat.

“Liam?” Harry queried, his warm alcohol tainted breath falling down against Liam’s cheeks, compelling his eyelids to open again.

“We’re almost broken up” Liam groaned through gritted teeth, cursing himself for speaking it aloud and even more so for not feeling any pain. All he could feel was the blasted twisting in the very pit of his stomach and the heat radiating from Harry’s body onto his own.

Harry didn’t look shocked however; he looked almost as if he’d expected it, and Liam was positive that, even in the darkness, he’d seen a tiny twitch of a smile creep onto Harry’s lips.

“Why?” Was Harry’s unforgiving reply as he neared his face even closer to Liam’s, but Liam didn’t have an answer. Or, he did, but he was far too scared to believe it.

“Harry, I-”

“Why?” Harry asked again, only more urgent this time. Liam held his breath; the pounding of his heart against his ribcage echoing through his eardrums and the knot in his stomach stringing tighter and tighter by the second.

“Is it because of me?” Harry teased, his voice sounding huskier, more endearing than before as the evident grin on his face began growing in unison with the panic surfacing inside of Liam.

Liam gritted his teeth harder, lying paralysed against the bed as he shot his gaze back to a still asleep Zayn. “I don’t know what you’re talking about” He strained; pouring every ounce of denial into his words as though attempting to certain himself, yet it didn’t have a single affect on the ongoing sirens sounding loud in his brain.

Harry let out a tiny chuckle, gradually lowering his mouth towards Liam’s ear; the hairs standing static on the back of Liam’s neck as the softness of Harry’s curls brushed lightly across his cheek.

“I’ve seen it, you know” Harry whispered; the heat of his breath condensing every inch of his skin. “The way you look at me” He continued, Liam’s eyes closing slowly as Harry’s teeth nipped gently at the lobe of his ear; the muscles in his groin treacherously flexing. “So you’re ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about’ line, isn’t very convincing” Harry mocked, loosening the grip of his right hand against the covers at Liam’s side and dragging his fingers dangerously low against Liam’s torso.

The abrupt shock of cold as Harry made contact with his skin brought alertness to his senses and his eyes snapped open quicker than he could imagine. He fumbled clumsily, gripping Harry’s hand and shoving him away from his frame, desperately distancing his face from Harry’s in the process.

“Stop it!” Liam seethed; his voice low as he sat up and pulled the covers closer to himself, covering up where Harry’s hands had been only seconds before.

“Why?” Harry grinned temptingly, leaning forwards again with his eyebrow cocked, nearing his face towards Liam’s, his eyes constantly on Liam’s lips.

Liam bit hard into the inside of his mouth, willing himself not to do the same, but the intent stare of Harry’s lust-filled eyes as his tongue crept gently across to moisten his bottom lip caused the tightening of his groin to escalate and his eyes were dropped to Harry’s waiting lips in an instant.

“You’re drunk” Liam whispered as Harry commenced closer, his head slightly shaking. He was clinging onto every fraction of morality that he had inside of him. Every excuse he could muster to convince him that what he was feeling, what he was doing was wrong.

“No I’m not” Harry deferred, his hands swiftly and silently removing the restricting bed sheets before casting his eyes over an only boxer-clad Liam. “But even if I am, would it matter?” Harry asked deviously, his palms brushing smoothly against Liam’s biceps and gripping at his shoulders to push him down into the mattress without hesitation. Liam’s look of confusion at his words only urged him on further. “You’re not drunk, and you still want this” Harry coaxed, shifting his weight so that Liam was trapped beneath him and began trailing his finger tormentingly across his chest and lower and lower still, until his hands reached the band of his boxers. “Maybe that says everything you need to know” He concluded, his hand resting still and his lips grazing Liam’s as he waited silently, anticipating his reaction.

The build up was too hard for Liam to bear. He could feel Harry’s fingertips burning through the seams of his boxers, heavy and pressing down on him as his breath became intimately shared with his own. His heart was throbbing inside of his ribcage; cavernous and menacing, nervous and afraid. He wanted, with every rational thought inside of his brain, to find use of his hands and push Harry away, but he couldn’t. Feeling his mouth growing dry, he painfully swallowed back the settled moisture in his throat. He could see that Harry was anxious and it only made the pulsing tightness in his groin grow more. It shocked him further as his lip began to tremble and he released a slow and calming breath as though to steady him, before reconnecting his eyes with Harry’s. There was a pause; a stagnant moment in his mind where everything was still and nothing but a stare between the two of them was shared. And then he reacted.

Throwing his arms up to reach behind Harry’s neck, he pulled himself closer, pressing his soft, full lips against Harry’s and pushing his tongue through and into the open warmth of Harry’s mouth. Harry grinned back against his lips in triumph, though not wasting any time. His tongue was fighting back, exploring deeper as his stifling breath hit ragged against the back of Liam’s throat. Threading his hands tightly into the midst of Harry’s curls, he felt his stomach jolt as Harry’s fingers hooked on his boxers more firmly; testingly towing them centimetre by centimetre lower on his crotch.

Harry pulled back from Liam’s mouth, smirking more as he effortlessly discarded the confining clothing from his legs while their eyes, brown on green, remained fixed. Tossing the boxers to the floor, Harry’s lips reconnected with Liam’s in a second, swallowing the groan that escaped Liam’s mouth as Harry daringly positioned himself on top of him; the evident containment in his boxers, matching that of Liam’s before.

Bringing his hands back up, Liam could feel every hair standing on end as Harry’s hands dragged devilishly across his torso to link with his own and press them back deeper into the pillow either side of his head. Liam’s tongue flitted carefully over Harry’s bottom lip; biting, soothing and tasting all at once. He couldn’t help but feel a sense of accomplishment when the pleasurable moan escaped Harry’s throat and probed him to know that he was enjoying himself. As if to prove him right, Harry submitted within seconds, head tilting slightly, stooping down to meet Liam’s lips, tongues duelling, briefly, wetly before Harry sank back into the welcoming warmth of Liam’s mouth.

Liam felt Harry’s grip on his hands loosen, and for a moment in the pit of his stomach, he thought that pushing him off while he still had the chance was the best option, but he didn’t want to; he couldn’t. Clutching hard at Harry’s shoulders, Liam began trying to pull him closer from his kneeling stance over his prone form and Harry was all too willing to comply; the sense of relief hitting deep within him and drawing his eyes to a close as Harry’s hand dropped between Liam’s legs and began to habitually rub the fervent, longing skin.

Bringing his other hand up to cup Liam’s throat, Harry pushed his head to the side; the light of the open door shining beautifully against his face. He kissed the side of his mouth, devouring him at every angle he could; his lips noticeably damp and swollen, before trailing hot wet kisses down Liam’s throat and to his collar bone as his fingers clamped gently around Liam’s ready length and he slowly began to pump his hand up and down; tauntingly aware that he wasn’t giving him enough for release.

Liam’s eyes shot open at the touch of Harry’s hand; the fire in his groin flaming inside of him as his eyes, once again, began adjusting to the darkness of the room. He heard a quiet snort and the movement of bed covers from beside him and his senses were clouded with panic in an instant, though Harry didn’t seem to notice; the grip of his hand had tightened and he was hungrily nipping and sucking at the nape of Liam’s neck.

Liam held his breath, keeping every pleasurable sound to himself; his head turning automatically toward the source of the sound beside him and his stomach dropping ten yards beneath him as he realised what it was.


Liam had completely forgotten about his presence and a thick rifle of blush crept into his cheeks. Though Zayn was still sleeping, Liam couldn’t shift the thought that he and Harry would wake him so he viciously grabbed hold of Harry’s hands, unwillingly removing them from his body and hastily pushing him away.

“What’s wrong?” Harry asked, his voice filled with confusion, making it only more tempting than before as he repositioned himself at Liam’s side; his breathing still heavy and uneven. But Liam composed himself quickly, shamefully covering his evident arousal and quietly clearing his throat before nodding his head towards Zayn’s sleeping frame.

“Zayn’s in here” He whispered back, the cavernous of his voice almost unhearable.

Harry simply chuckled, shaking his head and grazing his teeth lightly over his bottom lip before nearing himself towards Liam once more.

“I know” He replied cheekily, threading his hand behind Liam’s head and into his muddy tresses; placing a moist, warm kiss gently against his hesitant lips. “We just have to be quiet”

Liam swallowed hard, not believing what was happening as his body sunk lower into the mattress again, though the press of Harry’s bare chest against his own was exhilarating. But he knew that this was too risky and he wasn’t a risk taker. He moved upward in an attempt to dislodge Harry only to find that he was pinned. He knew that if he fought he would make too much noise and the event of waking Zayn would be almost inevitable. Not to mention the fact that at this point his body really didn’t want to fight, so he threw caution to the wind; drawing in a deep sharp breath and responding to Harry’s every move.

Harry slithered down further, dragging his hard body over Liam’s swollen flesh, as he licked and sucked at his neck and chest; his hand re-attacking the erection between Liam’s legs. Liam was panting hard, trying to stay in control by sinking his teeth into his cheek so as to not groan in an acknowledgement of pleasure. His eyes were fixed on the ceiling as Harry worked his way down his writhing body; the tantalising pumping of his length continued through it all, making his limbs shake and his heart pound. 

He lifted his head and watched breathlessly as Harry licked his navel, his hips, and further still. Liam willed with everything in him for Harry to stop, but that in comparison to the desire he felt was nothing but futile. He watched as Harry shifted and settled between his thighs, the pumping finally stopping as Harry’s head lowered and his pink tongue peeked out to lap softly at the base of his tortured member. 

"Fuck," Liam whimpered; his neck strained from holding his head up to watch. 

Harry winked up at him deviously before expertly taking the length of him in his mouth and began rapidly moving his head up and down. Liam gasped, clenching his insides together as the warmth enclosed around him; Harry’s lips and tongue stimulating nerves that he didn’t even realise he had. Liam’s dexterous fingers fisted into Harry’s curls, pleading him for more as the soft, moist vibrations of Harry’s throaty hums continued dancing across his flesh, making him want to scream.

Liam’s head was spinning and he felt weightless as he lay there, his fingers leaving Harry’s hair to scrunch roughly at the bed sheets beside him. He threw his head back against the pillow in a cloud of bliss as Harry took his member deeper and deeper into his throat with each daring movement, until there was hardly anything left for him to take. He could feel it now; the shudder of the burning moisture in his stomach, ready to explode any second.

"I’m close" Liam choked through gritted teeth, shutting his eyes tightly as Harry’s hand replaced his mouth around his length and began pumping harder than ever as he climbed his way back up Liam’s body to meet his lips. His tongue lashed back against Harry’s as the pumping of his hand grew faster than before; his hips thrusting in unison and silent moans of gratitude seeping deep into Harry’s throat. Burning and building, it was coming.

On the edge, mouths open and desperate, tongues thrashed roughly, and then it happened.

Liam’s body bucked upwards beneath Harry, the strangled noise in his throat falling straight into Harry’s mouth as his orgasm exploded out of him; Harry swallowing the sound greedily before finally releasing the firm grip of his fingers on Liam’s length and tearing his lips from his own.

Harry paused, hovering over him for a minute or two; his hot ragged breath falling hard against Liam’s cheeks and the sweat on his brow causing his curls to dampen and stick. Briefly slicing his tongue against his lips, Harry pushed himself onto his back, occupying the space at Liam’s side; the two falling silent with nothing but the sound of Zayn’s quiet snores for company.

“I can’t believe you did that” Liam whispered, breaking the silence; his mind now more sober than ever.

Harry tilted his head across the pillow to look over at his sodden best friend, though not feeling any sense of remorse. He frowned, clearing his throat before he replied.

“I’m not sorry” Harry whispered back, sighing as he pushed himself off the bed and to his feet, ready to make his way to the open door and back to his room, but Liam’s fingers latching onto his own from across the bed stopped him. He knew what he wanted and given everything that had just happened, he felt stupid to feel nervous by it, but he took a deep intake of breath, watching intently as Harry’s frame twisted around to face his own.

Plucking up the courage, he pulled him back down beside him; his lips pressing softly, tenderly against Harry’s and the escalating pounding in his chest taking him by surprise once more.

“Will you stay?” Liam murmured against his lips as the two of them pulled away; Harry’s eyes glistening in wonder, silenced as though his voice had escaped him. Yet the one nod reply he gave was all the reply Liam needed.

Inside, they both knew that it meant more than just one night.

Read the sequel, Behind Closed Doors, here.

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