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One Direction Fanfiction
Anonymous said: what fanfic was the funnest to write? x

*most fun, you mean? ;P

But definitely The Journey! I didn’t have a massive following and I wasn’t as fussy about my writing quality (as you can see from how badly written it is, lmfao~) so everything was easier and more fun :) x

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-nialler-deactivated20140516 said: i really enjoyed your response to the zayn/harry question, so i was wondering how you felt about niall/liam/louis? if thats way too much i understand! you just always say things so... well, eloquently!

Oh, of course, it’s no problem… and thank you! :L 



THIS would be a good starting point to read for my opinions of Niall, but to follow on from what I’ve said there, I feel that he is actually (contrary to popular belief) one of the most mature members of the band. And that is most likely the reason I find it so easy to write about him as a character (as I’ve said in that post). 

I see him as being one of the most thick-skinned members and less emotional than the other boys in terms of the negative media he’ll get from the press (should he get any) and other external sources, but highly emotional when it comes to loyalty and sticking up for a friend/getting negative vibes from a friend, which somewhat makes him strive for acceptance because the opinions of those closest to him are the only ones that matter. I portray that in stories by only allowing his anger to rise or allowing him to get emotional (and when it does, I make it fierce because he’s like a genuine firecracker~) when something severe has either happened to the character he most cares about, or between he and the closest character to him (his reaction to Rhiley’s Nan’s passing in The Journey and the Niall/Darcey break up in Staying Professional for example).

The “best friend” lead is easiest to fit Niall into, as you can probably see from both The Journey and Wait For You because I genuinely believe he is the supportive force behind the band. Whereas, putting him as a romantic lead is more complex. Though as I’ve said with his maturity, it’s actually not hard to place him into a non-dramatic relationship; a relationship that any girl or guy could relate to, even with a small portion of heartache and suffering.

Of course, he can be giggly and immature at times too, but again (as I said with Harry and his cheekyness in THIS post) it doesn’t define him. He, for me, is the most straight-minded and centered member of the group who does exactly what he needs to do and focuses on exactly the right things in order to do it. His heart is always in the right place and he’s such a mellow and likeable character in real life (something which I played on to extremes with his characterisation in Staying Professional) that it’s almost unrealistic to portray him as anything but a decent guy in a fanfiction.


I’m actually a lot more unsure on Liam’s character than I am a lot of the other guys. He’s definitely the most similar to what he comes across as in the media and through what the fans say, so there’s not much that I can expand on. He’s genuine, lovely, charming, sweet and focused; exactly what everyone already thinks about him because that’s exactly what we get from him, so he’s definitely the most true-to-self where the fans are concerned.

People say he’s the most mature, and I think in terms of getting the work done, he is. But aside from that, with the child-like persona he plays up to the fans a lot, I think he’s actually one of the least mature. When writing about him, he’s got such a bland character (I don’t know how to say this without it sounding negative, although I don’t mean it in a negative way AT ALL because I genuinely adore the boy) that it makes him one of the easiest and hardest boys to characterize.

It’s hard (for me at least) to place him as anything other than the romantic lead, but that’s also why it’s easy - because I know that’s where to put him. That way I can shape the story around him and fit the other characters to foil off of him without having to go too in depth with his character. He’s got a playful aspect of his character, so I can develop that through flirtations within the story (something you can’t do in a friendly manner) and he’s also got a mature, serious side to his character which can be developed through the feelings you get when in a relationship.

I get scared when I’m characterizing Liam that if he’s not the main romantic lead (like in The Journey) his character will fade into the background. But because of that, I am glad that he is the way he is with the fans as he is in real life, because then it’s much easier for the readers of my fanfictions to understand his “sit back away from the drama” attitude and why he may not be massively involved in the fanfictions I write that he’s not the lead in. 


Though he’s my least favourite member because his persona (yes, it is just a persona) for the fans annoys the crap out of me, I genuinely love writing about him. He’s very much like Niall in the sense that his personality is so diverse that he can be placed as pretty much any character. Yet unlike Niall, I feel he can realistically be placed as a unliked character as well because of the attention grabbing slant his personality holds, which gives me a very easy opening to portray him as a bitch should I want to. 

However, my favourite characterisation of Louis was in Fix Me because I actually got to show the way I believe that he truly is. He’s 20 years old so the fact that many fans think the way he acts on the video diaries, mastermind questions, etc is exactly who he is, is actually beyond ridiculous to me. He, as everyone, can act immature at times and he obviously realises that this immature “in your face” humour he displays is something that most fans enjoy, though he’s clearly only magnifying the extremes of his personality for your entertainment. 

It’s obvious to see that he’s much more of a influencer than an influencee, which again gives more reason as to why he could be placed into the role of a “villain” of sorts, but it also means (much like in Fix Me) this slant of his personality can be portrayed in a caring, highly protective manner. Though, I do find the joking side of him as much easier to write than the serious side because it is so obvious. And because you can’t write a story surrounding an unserious character - there has to be a cut off point - the chances of me writing a Louis-based fanfic have always been very low, which (when added to the fact that he’s my least favourite member) decreases them even more. 

Above all, through the fact that he’s clearly passionate and caring, I see him as a really decent guy, but also as the most ingenuine, so it’s always extremely interesting to write about him whether it be in a positive or a negative way.


I think that just about does it! Hope that answers what you wanted to know! :D

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europh-a said: How would you describe Zayn's personality and character as a whole? And when you go to write about him, what sort of character role and personality do you find best suits him and that you personally find is easiest to write? Like you said before with Niall, what would you say for Zayn? And then could you please give me your thoughts on Harry? And what roles and character he best suits? If you don't mind that is, I'm just generally interested on your opinion:) sorry if I'm a bit of a nuisance!x

Oh wow, you’re not a nuisance at all, don’t worry! I like getting questions that take a bit of thinking about to answer. So I’ll give it my best :L



For me, he has the best personality of the entire group. He’s the most unaffected, coolest member of the boys and despite his “bad boy” persona people have given him, I see him as a lads-lad, not a player. Which is probably why I like writing about him a lot, because I can break the whole “man-slag” image he has and portray him as the decent guy I genuinely believe he is - the way I did in Sick Of You. 

Zayn’s character in Staying Professional is exactly how I see him in real life. I see him as a passionate friend above everything else, because he’s quite contained when it comes to relationships, so it’s hard to judge from an outside view the way he’d be when in a relationship with a girl, which is again why I made sure he and Carter were friends before anything else in Sick Of You. I feel that because he doesn’t have a specific, exaggerated trait about him the way the other boys do (Liam and his sweetness, or Harry and his cheekyness, for example) it’s easier to relate him to be like any of the guys you know in real life.

When writing about him I think that taking a popular slant is always better because (although he’s said that he can be shy until you get to know him properly) he doesn’t have the same vulnerability about him that all of the other guys in the band do because he’s so normal. It also gives me the opportunity to peel away the layers of his contained (and most favourable) personality as well, showing his humour and wit (which IMO is by far the most hilarious of all the boys in the group) and the obvious sensitive side to his personality that is often overlooked. 

He’s extremely grounded and headstrong, despite taking a backseat in the media attention the boys get. And it’s obvious that he’s romantic too, but not the exaggerated type, so when it comes to making romantic storylines around him, I’d do that by allowing him to fall for the girl in a subtle, light-hearted manner as opposed to the tragic drama of, “we are made for each other” that I’ve shown in some of my other couplings.

I always find it easiest and most fitting to write about him as the voice of reason a lot of the time; the guy that everyone loves, because he’s worthy of it, and the boy that the girls fall for without even expecting to. I write about him having a sense of power and individuality in all of the stories I write as well, where he’ll speak his mind even when he’s not a major character, because I do see him as less-reliant on the band as the other four are. And he’ll always be a good guy in my fictions, because (for me) he’s such a well-rounded character in real life that it’s hard to ever write about him in a negative way without it being unrealistic.


He is so unbelievably romantic, it’s almost hard to bare when writing about him in a story. He is the most obviously and fiercely passionate when it comes to relationships within the group (both platonic and romantic ones) and I think that affects him personally, more strongly than the other boys. He’s the youngest and again, though people see him as this confident, cheeky guy, I think his age is obvious just through the emotions he surpresses. 

In contrast to Zayn, I see him as the most vulnerable of the boys - the type of guy that will leave his heart open to heartache and failure as opposed to keeping it guarded; the kind that will love with all it’s worth. And I portray that through his characters in both Fix Me and The Journey/World On Fire

Yes, he is a cheeky guy, it’s obvious to see. But I don’t feel that defines him the way a lot of the fans do. He’s a typical guy on the surface, checking out girls and talking about sex - the way all guys do - but even having said that, I see his capacity to care for someone as much, much greater. Even when he was playing a character like the one he played in Staying Professional, I made sure that he rung true to the caring side of himself more than the banter-filled side that we see a lot of. 

He has a dry sense of humour, which makes it a lot easier to write about him getting upset/being a bad guy than the other boys, ergo making for good drama (another Zayn opposite) when it comes to writing fanfictions. I feel as though this entire situation of becoming famous and being positioned by the media (and most fans) as “the front man” was exceptionally overwhelming for him and I definitely do not see him as gaining an ego or becoming too cocky the way a lot of people say he has as well. In fact, I see him as the complete opposite - that he’s simply matured, and in doing so has actually allowed himself to be more self-cautious. Because of that, it’s easy to write about him as a “changed guy” in the fanfics that I do (the best example I could give would be Fix Me) and why I presume the idea of Harry being a “player” (despite him not actually being one at all in real life) is very common in other One Direction fanfictions.

However, because of the extremes he has to his character in real life, if you don’t set him off down a set path within the story, I feel as though he could become almost “flakey” and easy to change, therefore making much less impact on the characterisation and storyline. So if you delve deeper into the way he is (the way I have done just now) he’s actually trickier to write about than what others seem to presume as he’s not as two-dimensional a character as what he’s made out to be.


Phew! I hope that answers what you want to know? :L If not then, I hope you enjoyed reading my ramblings anyway :P I also just wanted to say that I really appreciate the fact you’re interested in hearing my opinion on this; it’s so flattering of you, so thank you! :D x

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Anonymous said: Hi so I was wondering which of your fanfics would you say was the hardest to write? And which do you think was the easiest to write?

Hey! The hardest to write was probably Fix Me, I seem to remember taking a while longer to write parts of that than I should’ve. And the easiest to write was The Journey, simply because I had only just begun writing fanfics and my quality of writing was so much lower (or at least I’d like to think so~) than it is now, so less effort was required :) 

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Anonymous said: Are you ever influenced by rumors of the boys to write their personalities? Bcuz obviously they don't show everything of themselves on camera, and sometimes there are bad-ish rumors that seem likely to be true and alot of people believe are true, like (not saying these are but) Zayn getting pissed at the fans one time, Niall being insecure about his body, etc.

I like this question - it’s different from the stuff I normally get, so I wish I had a more interesting answer than what I’m about to say, but no :L I write the boys the way I see them (often looking passed what they’re mainly portrayed to be by the vast majority of fans) and don’t take note of any rumours (most of the time, it’s because I don’t know of them - I’m not an obsessive fan like most.. I watch their performances/interviews etc, buy their music and use them as a muse for my writing.. that’s it, so I keep out of all the lame daily drama), but I can definitely understand why a lot of people would be influenced by the rumours as there’s always so many of them floating around.

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Anonymous said: How is Niall's personality diverse? I'm just curious I'm not a massive 1D fan so I don't really know their personalities too well, I just stumbled upon your fanfic and love it...what's he like haha, sorry to be annoying :)

I feel he’s the least like what the fans view him as. They have him down as this immature, innocent, little kid who laughs at a lot, but if you actually think about it, he’s an 18 year old guy - he’s going to think what every single 18 year old guy thinks like. You can see that he’s extremely family driven and passionate. I just think his serious side is underappreciated as well. He’s just a normal guy, not a little kid and it pisses me off that the fans portray him to constantly be that way. That’s all :)

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Anonymous said: Who's ur favorite 1D member or who do you enjoy writing about the most? Thanks. <3

Love that you’ve written “thanks” at the end of this :’L Awrh.

But my answer. My favourite member is Harry or Zayn. I’ve loved Harry the most from the very beginning, but I think that Zayn is just a perfect sod. So I’ll say Harry, but a lot of the time I’ll sound like I like Zayn more because I fangirl over him the most~

As for who I like writing about the most? That’d be Niall. I feel with him I can write him as anything and it still works. I can write him as the male romantic lead, or the best friend, as a giddy childish twerp, or a moody serious prune. His personality in real life is so diverse (if the fans take the time to see past what is obviously shown to us) so he’s very exciting to create a storyline around, be it big or small. He’s definitely my favourite to write about :)<3

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Anonymous said: What is your process of writting a fanfic? like How do you plan out what what your going to write?

My fanfics will spring from a number of different reasons. Sometimes I’ll have this small idea or mood that I want to explore in writing (like in Fix Me I had the initial idea of Louis being reunited with Harry after years of being apart, and I knew that I wanted the story to be filled with hardship where the leading girl was involved - everything else came after), other times it’ll be because I have a certain character in mind that I want to develop (Carter in Sick of You with her passion for photography is where that story started, for example) and I’ll go from there with these three steps… 

  1. I’ll make a mass plan of where I want the story to go, adding characters and additional mini storylines for them along the way (including their history and background, should it be necessary), so there’s more than just one basic story, but intertwining ones as well, otherwise the plot would be a simple start and finish and that’s not what you want to happen :L I’ll have the different relationship links between the characters sorted out and the main events of the story listed so that I know clear in my mind where I want the story to go and how I want the characters to develop throughout. 
  2. I’ll briefly plan out each chapter (whether I have a set number of chapters or not), so that I know what I want to happen in each chapter in order for the story to flow properly. It helps because sometimes I’ll be inspired to write a chapter which comes a lot later in the story than what I’m currently writing and if I didn’t have this plan, I’d not know how to lead into it, but because each individual chapter is planned out, it doesn’t matter at all which order I write them in, so even if you have block on a certain chapter, you can still contribute to the story as a whole by writing another different chapter. 
  3. I’ll think of a suitable title, which (believe it or not) is often the hardest part of the whole damn process :L 
It’s only after I’ve completed all of those^ that I’ll actually start writing. I save the plan too, just incase I have more ideas as I’m writing that could be added to boost my stories some more. It’s a lengthy process, but all the planning is worth it. Hope this is what you wanted to know! :)
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16. You keep talking about writing your original novel, what is going to be about and are you going to post it online and share with us?

Think 90210, think One Tree Hill, think Fame, think teen drama. It basically centres around 6 students (3 girls, 3 boys) who all attend a creativity university. They build friendships, build relationships, and have fall outs, while at the same time each have their own personal storyline which develops throughout. I actually have 4 stories planned total, the novel and 3 sequels, so who knows how far it will go? :L &I unfortunately won’t be posting it online to share. This novel is going to mean a lot more to me, and take a lot more out of me, than any of my fanfictions, so I’d rather it not be spread across the internet. It’s going to be a huge accomplishment for me to finish and I’d rather cherish it than let it loose online.

17. Are any of the events in the stories real life?


18. Can you remember how/when you knew you wanted to write?

I can indeed. It was year 10 and we had a piece of GCSE coursework to do where we had to write a short horror story. I handed mine in and I got full marks (the only one in my class to do so) and I sort of sat back and thought, “Hey, I’m actually quite good at this”… and here we are now!

19. What style/genre do you like writing the most, because Fix Me, for example is much different to The Journey.

I like writing romance the most. I know Fix Me falls under the ‘drama’ category, and The Journey could somewhat fall under the ‘comedy’ category, but each and every one of my fanfictions have the same common ground, and that is that they all follow a romantic storyline.

20. Which fanfiction did you enjoy writing the most?

The Journey, by a mile! I didn’t have a huge following when I wrote that, so the pressure wasn’t big at all. I used to write a new chapter each night and everything was so new to me; it was all very exciting! 

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11. What is your favourite fanfiction and oneshot that you’ve written?

Staying Professional and Life is a Waiting Game. SP took me by total surprise, because I never expected it to be up there as my favourite, but having read them all back I definitely enjoyed reading SP more than the others! 

12. Top 3 tips on how to write fanfiction?

  1. If you’re struggling, write out the dialogue of a chapter first and then go back and fill in the directions (how they’re saying it, what they’re doing, how the other person reacts, etc).
  2. Don’t write in sequence. If you’re inspired to write the final chapter when you haven’t even written the second chapter, don’t sweat it, just write the final chapter while you have it fresh in your mind! At least that way you’re progressing with the story as a whole.
  3. Make an outline of the story, chapter by chapter, so you know briefly what each chapter will include before you start writing.

13. How do you deal with writers block?

I don’t! :L I suck at dealing with WB. I guess, use some of the tips I just gave? Other than that, I have nothing!

14. Why are you quitting fanfiction?

I’ll make a large post to explain this after I finish World On Fire, but as of now that’s all you’re getting :)

15. How did you have the confidence to post online? I’m too scared to.

OK, think of it this way… you’re posting your stories to a bunch of total strangers. What does it matter if they find it crap? It’s better than having one of your closest friends read it and say “Oh my god, that’s shit” youknow? Besides, you’re always going to be your own worst critic and people are going to judge your work a lot less harshly than you do yourself! Just take a leap and do it, it’s really not as scary as you think!

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6. Which girl are you most like on your quiz and which girl do you like the most in your stories?

I am most like Carter, by a clear mile. I think it was Char that mentioned it one time saying something like “you put WAY too much of yourself into her character” and that she pictures Carter to be me but look like Ariana Grande :L So yes. Definitely Carter. 

As for who I like the most though, I’ll forever love my baby Rhiley the most! (Hence why I’m writing a sequel to The Journey and none of the others ;)) She was my first original character and I adore her!

7. Are you reading any books now?

I am :) The Bloody Chamber - Angela Carter, Birdsong - Sebastian Faulks, Wuthering Heights - Emily Bronte and Dr Faustus - Christopher Marlowe. They’re all incredible; I recommend them to everyone!

8. How did your stories get so popular?

I have no bloody idea! Besides, they aren’t that popular in comparison to other fandoms with fanfictions out there, but I guess in terms of 1D fanfictions, they are. In which case, I was just very very lucky!

9. Do you want to be an author?

If only it was a certainty that it would happen, yes. But realistically, no.

10. Do you have any hidden morals/messages in your stories that we might have missed?

No. I did think about this question quite hard actually, but no. Each story does have a moral/message, but it’s not hidden, so I’m pretty cetain (especially to those of you that have left me messages saying you can relate to the story or you felt touched by it, etc) that you guys all grasped each one just fine!

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1. What was your favourite chapter from each story?

The Journey: 18, 27 or 29.
Staying Professional: 14.
Fix Me: 35
Sick of You: 7 or 10

2. What was the hardest chapter for you to write from each story?

The Journey: 22
Staying Professional: 11
Fix Me: 37
Sick of You: 8

3. What are your favourite books/who are your favourite authors?

The Harry Potter books are my absolute favourites, therefore making J.K.Rowling one of my absolute favourite authors. I also ADORE Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte and The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks (who also happens to be my favourite author EVER.

4. How do you come up with the titles to your fanfictions? Whenever I try, they sound cheesy or cliche :/

Tbh, “The Journey" is pretty damn cliche if you ask me, but I have no bloody idea how in the hell I even came to name it that in the first place. I was just lazy, I guess. The others however, all have reasons behind them. "Staying Professional" was named because it made sense to be named that way, as was "Fix Me" - they were both play on words to do with either the plot of the story or the dialogue of the story. "Wait for You" and "Sick of You" were taken from song titles that related to the fanfiction. Likewise, so was "World on Fire”, but the initial idea behind naming it WOF was taken from the phrase of ‘setting the world on fire’ in which Rhiley is now famous and she’s going to take the world by storm and cause a buzz around her; it’s her next chapter. So yes, song titles, play on words and clever phrases are what I use to create my story titles!

5. Which books have most influenced your life most?

The Harry Potter series, though I’m not sure that’s the type of influence you mean :L Hmmm.

Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen, I’d say has influenced me the most, because I see Elinor Dashwood (one of the two main characters) as a role-model for myself. It has impacted my life because I do honestly sometimes find myself in situations where I’m unsure of how to react or how to keep under control, but my mind always shoots straight back to her and I try to conduct myself the way I know that she would have conducted herself in the same situation. If you haven’t already, I highly recommend you read the book, or failing that watch the 1995 film version of the book (with Kate Winslet and Emma Thompson) because, like me, you can learn a lot from Elinor.

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